Archive | September 11, 2014


My Fox Business News Interview on the Food Insecurity Charade

My interview with Fox Business News’ David Asman on USDA’s food insecurity charade. Click here to see the video at the Fox News site. Or here’s the video directly – The one certainty is that this interview spurred me to trim my beard. I still can’t understand why the makeup lady scoffed when I told her […]

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FFF: How Trade Wars Shaped Early American History

Future of Freedom, June 2014 How Trade Wars Shaped Early American History, Part 1 by James Bovard Fair trade is once again a rallying cry for many Americans. Many contemporary leftists believe that the U.S. government should impose restrictions or tariffs on imported goods that are alleged to have been produced by underpaid or oppressed […]

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On Fox Business News Today at 12:20 pm

I am scheduled to be on the Fox Business News “Varney & Co.” show today at 12:20 P.M. Eastern.  Topic will be yesterday’s Washington Times piece on the “Food Security Hoax.” There will be a video of the interview online; I will post a link to it after the show.

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