MP3 of Elective Dictatorship Interview on Al Korelin Show

I had a jovial chat with Al Korelin, the host of the hardline Korelin Economic Report, in his weekend report on the debility of contemporary democracy.  Here are a few of my comments:

*”The system that we now have is an elective dictatorship in which the president can dictate almost as much as he pleases and keep all kinds of secrets. We don’t find out until decades later what he actually did – especially on foreign policy. This is the mirror image of what the Founding Fathers expected.  The whole purpose of the Constitution was to bind the government – but it doesn’t work that way. Instead, the government is finding ever new ways to bind the American people.”

*”Both parties are in favor of big government – both are in favor of perpetuating the vast majority of the status quo – both are in favor of championing the rights of the government over American citizens.”

*”Most of the 2016 candidates are offering the same hokum that the current president and previous president offered.”

*”It was appalling that so many Americans thought that the ‘hope and change’ mantra in 2008 would make a huge difference in Washington. It  simply changed the name of the party that is shoveling the most BS.”

*”If there was some way to poll people how much power a winning politician deserves –  instead of automatically allowing winners almost unlimited power – that would be a much more valuable poll.”


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