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USA TODAY: Oreo and Trump’s Trade Policy Folly

USA TODAY, March 23, 2016 Oreo closure proof of losing Trump trade policy by James Bovard Trump’s ‘fair trade’ would deliver more ‘winners’ like sugar industry while American workers suffer. Presidential front-runner Donald Trump vows that he will “never eat another Oreo again” to protest the transfer of 600 cookie-making jobs from Chicago to Mexico. […]

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TSA Oped Spurs Excellent Comments from USA Today readers

The USA Today piece on TSA’s abusive searches spurred lots of lively comments (and some denunciations). Here are some of the best comments from the web page with the article: Sommer Gentry · Associate professor at United States Naval Academy This article is spot-on. TSA searches are violent, traumatizing, and conducted with heartless disregard for […]

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Counterpunch: TSA’s Punitive Gitmo-style Groin Grinding

Counterpunch, March 23, 2016 TSA’s Punitive Gitmo-style Groin Grinding The Transportation Security Administration finally obeyed a 2011 federal court order March 3 and issued a 157 page Federal Register notice justifying its controversial full-body scanners and other checkpoint procedures. TSA’s notice ignored the fact that the “nudie” scanners are utterly unreliable; TSA failed to detect […]

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