Freedom Fighter & Hellraising Author Claire Wolfe’s New Blog

My ol’ buddy Claire Wolfe has a zesty new blog here. Claire has done some of the best writing on freedom since her bestselling 1996 book, 101 Things to Do ‘Til the Revolution. Claire is hardline and very savvy on firearms and freedom – and plenty of other issues. She updates her blog much more often than I update – so she is worth checking early and often.

If you haven’t bought her books, you should. Here are covers of some of her superb works –

claire wolfe book cover 101 things to do

claire rats-cover-450x600

claire wolfe book cover

claire wolfe cover 2

claire wolfe JobBookCover0909


claire wolfe 616i2E7xkDL._UY250_


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One Response to Freedom Fighter & Hellraising Author Claire Wolfe’s New Blog

  1. MamaLiberty August 17, 2016 at 2:57 pm #

    Thanks, James! Lots of good stuff… and I wish she’d write more books. One thing that folks could do to help educate more of their neighbors is to buy multiple copies of these books and gift them to those who seem interested in learning. I’ve given out quite a few copies of the Hardyville Tales (and there’s so much room in that meme for sequels it’s not even funny). I also give the “Rebel Fire – Out of the Gray Zone” book to young people and those who have teens at home. I’ve donated a copy of quite a few of them to my local library as well. Let’s spread the word!.