Did Anti-Trump Protestors Ever Object to Obama’s Wars?

Bombs hurt worse than mean words.  So folks are angrily protesting about Trump’s election. Why have almost none of these folks bothered protesting Obama’s wars? The US is bombing 7 nations right now – I would love to know how many anti-Trump protestors could name even 3 nations the US is bombing.  (Here’s a great video from FUSION on that subject). Here’s photos I took at a White House anti-Syrian war protest in 2013 – the hard-left ANSWER faction showed up & did a great job & stayed until Park Police rode into the crowd busting things up.  The crowd was loudly chanting outside at the same time that Obama made a radio speech announcing that he had decided to postpone bombing Assad.   And here’s a link to an oped on the case against bombing I did the following week for USA Today. Talking to folks at the demonstration spurred my thinking.








Update: As long as I going down Memory Lane, why not go the full nine yards?  Here’s a photo I took from the first antiwar protest I ever saw. My family was returning from a NJ trip, driving through downtown DC. My father was chagrined to see a massive antiwar protest on the day before Nixon’s first inauguration, 1/19/1969. That protest was catnip for me.  (The photo is tilted because my political thinking has always been a bit twisted.)




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