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USA Today: TSA’s Latest Looney Surveillance Program

USA Today, July 31, 2018 Have you gained or lost weight? Congrats, TSA is now tracking you for suspicious activity. by James Bovard, Opinion columnist Excessive yawning, strong body odor — these are two ways you could become a target in TSA’s new secret program, which treats ordinary people like terrorists. If you fall asleep or […]

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40 Years of Pummeling the Postal Service

[the full text of many of the articles mentioned here are posted here] Mises Institute, July 27, 2018 40 Years of Pummeling the Postal Service by James Bovard Today is the 40th anniversary of the publication of my first attack on the Postal Service. “Time to Stamp Out the Postal Monopoly” was the lead article […]

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My Postal Service Articles, 1978-present

Boston Globe, July 27, 1978 Time to Stamp out Postal Monopoly by James Bovard The cost of mailing a first-class letter has risen 400 percent in the last 20 years. Many people believe mail service has deteriorated during this time. Many reforms have been made, but they have been ineffective, due to the Postal Service’s […]

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Why Government Immunity Must Be Spiked

The American Conservative The Government: Liability for Thee But Not for Me Why are those who work for the state never held accountable for the damage they inflict? By James Bovard • July 26, 2018 Few Americans recognize the Yukon-sized legal rights void in their daily lives. I was recently reminded of this hard fact […]

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Civil War Fort Stephens Battle Anniversary

The National Park Service hosted events today to make the 154th anniversary of the battle of Fort Stephens in Washington, D.C.  A Confederate army commanded by Jubal Early briefly entered the District of Columbia and skirmished before the Union fortifications before retreating.   I will be writing more on this battle and campaign shortly. Mounted U.S. Park Police were […]

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What the ‘Dumpster Fire’ D.C. Metro Says About Federal Bureaucracy

The American Conservative What the ‘Dumpster Fire’ D.C. Metro Says About Federal Bureaucracy City council just voted to impose a 500 percent tax hike on Uber and Lyft. Really? By James Bovard • July 10, 2018 The Washington D.C. Metro.(Credit: Thomas Hawk/Flickr/Creative Commons The District of Columbia Council voted in June to impose a tax […]

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Stanford USE ME speech June 1996 Destruction American Liberty Video

Sedition 1996-Style: Speech on the Destruction of American Liberty

Here’s a C SPAN video from a 1996 speech at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.   Here are some outtakes:  A lucid understanding of the nature of government is the first line of defense for individual freedom. Freedom is increasingly seen as simply another government handout akin to food stamps and subsidized subway tokens. Attorney Gen. Janet Reno […]

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