MP3 of my Pacifica Radio interview on Facebook Conniving

Kevin Pina of Pacifica Radio Network interviewed me last Thursday on my USA Today oped on Facebook censorship policies.  Facebook has become far more aggressive recently in heaving people off its platform.  But the impact of Facebook’s banishments are dwarfed by the stampede to the exit by other Facebook users.     We had lots of fun scoffing at Facebook piety in this 18 minute interview.   While the situation is worsening in the U.S.,  Germany, Turkey, and other nations are far more repressive on Facebook users.  You can listen to the program by clicking on or downloading the link below.

Pina is also a filmmaker, journalist, and lecturer.  More information on Kevin and the Flashpoints Radio program is here.


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One Response to MP3 of my Pacifica Radio interview on Facebook Conniving

  1. N. Joseph Potts August 14, 2018 at 6:40 pm #

    ALL censorship might as well be seen as GOVERNMENT censorship, in that the government is the faithful tool of the governing elites.

    ALL censorship is censorship.

    Watch what you say. Or upload, You might be an insurgent.