Radio: #MeToo, Libertarian Wranglings, Mid-Term Elections, & Political BS on the Ernie Hancock Show

James Bovard photo, Womens March, Washington 2017

My old friend Ernie Hancock and I had fun this morning on his FreedomsPhoenix radio show wrangling over the #MeToo movement, the Kavanaugh nomination circus, the latest libertarian movement conniptions, and a heap of other topics.  Happily, Ernie’s enthusiasm for the pending midterm congressional election was not contagious.

You can listen or view the show by clicking here!/v/ernesthancock/n87qwdvn

Here is a link to the audio only version – or you can listen and/or download the audio files right here:

Here’s a link to photos I took of angry protesters at the Unite the Right/ Shut It Down DC protests in August




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