My Interview on William Barr & Ruby Ridge – Scott Horton Show

Ruby Ridge art by Amy Crehore for a 1995 Playboy article of mine

My old friend Scott Horton and I had a rattling good chat on Trump Attorney General nominee William Barr’s boundless affection for FBI snipers who perchance kill innocent Americans (spurred by my article last week for American Conservative). Barr championed immunity for Lon Horiuchi, the FBI agent who gunned down Vicki Weaver in her cabin door at Ruby Ridge. Standard procedure in Washington – FBI seems exempt from both federal law and the Constitution. We also talked about FBI misconduct and lies at the Bundy Ranch standoff and the police killings of bikers at Waco a few years ago.

Scott had never heard the classic song “Rocky Top” – and his producer Sam Hage kindly added that song to the end of the interview.  You can listen or download the 38 minute interview by clicking below. [[I used a new microphone for this interview; I will be curious to see if folks notice a difference in audio quality etc.]]

The MP3 may be easier to access/download in downloadable podcast form at this Libertarian Institute link.


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