Podcast on Ruby Ridge, Bundy Ranch, etc. with Peter Quinones

My USA Today oped earlier this week on presidential candidate Deval Patrick‘s role in the Ruby Ridge coverup is spurring some controversy.  Here’s a podcast I did last year with Pete Quinones (now with the Libertarian Institute) talking about Ruby Ridge, Bundy Ranch, and the dangers of federal agencies off the leash.

You can listen to the podcast (part of the “Free Man Beyond the Wall” series)  by clicking on this link.  (Pete rated the podcast PG-13.)

You can read my other articles on Ruby Ridge (going back 25 years) at this link.

Here is the art work that Playboy used in 1995 to illustrate an article I wrote for them on Ruby Ridge (thanks to artist Amy Crehore).

Playboy Ruby Ridge July 1995 by Amy Crehore





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