MP3 Bashing Congress & Other Rascals on Salem National Radio Network

CNBC’s Jim Iuorio and I had fun smacking around Congress and other rascals on this 20 minute MP3 from a broadcast yesterday on the Salem Radio Network. We also flailed Modern Monetary Theory, the latest bogus scheme entitling politicians to wreck the economy with endless spending. Jim Iuorio was guest-hosting on the Dan Proft show. (Here’s the USA Today oped that spurred the interview.)


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2 Responses to MP3 Bashing Congress & Other Rascals on Salem National Radio Network

  1. JdL December 30, 2020 at 6:22 am #

    Very good interview. You touch on something which most people seem to miss completely: the government says it will take care of us, but everything it doles out it has stolen from us (we can count printing up money in the steal, since it diminishes the value of our savings), then it offers some of that wealth back (a good chunk having been reserved for overhead, i.e. politicians’ and bureaucrats’ salaries, staffs, and perqs such as flying around the country to make pompous speeches) but attaches endless strings. It comes down to “If you want your own money back, you’ve got to dance to our tune.” Because the terms of the dance are malleable, people become encouraged to spend their energies, not on being productive, but on gaming the system in their favor. Surprisingly enough, under such conditions of an ever-growing pool of worthless-class people, both in and out of government, the standard of living stagnates or falls even as technology continues to advance in ways that should see the standard of living skyrocket. And as an extra bonus, we’re free, as long as we agree to be micromanaged from the moment we wake up till we fall asleep. Sad.

    As always, thanks for your role in exposing this mess.


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