Biden to Save America’s Soul?

Biden’s speech in Philadelphia was mostly recycled riffs, most of which were inaccurate or overheated the first time around.  Here’s my live commentary via Twitter –


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3 Responses to Biden to Save America’s Soul?

  1. JdL September 2, 2022 at 6:13 am #

    Biden’s always been an enthusiastic supporter, if not instigator, of brutal drug war practices, and his list of sins goes on from there, so I’m almost surprised to find that I feel sorrow for the way he’s being shot full of drugs (apparently) and made to act as a marionette for whomever is putting the words on the teleprompter. I don’t think he’s so far gone mentally that it would be right to let him off the hook completely for the role he’s playing today, but the man is clearly waaay past his prime and should be turned out to pasture.

    Thanks for your always-cogent observations.

    • Beth September 3, 2022 at 8:36 am #

      I also find (very rarely) that I can feel a bit heavy hearted at how he looks on camera. That blank, lost look when he’s not sure whether to exit stage left or go chase the ice cream truck. He’s not so far gone as to think he isn’t totally complicit in every single thing he has done and will attempt to do before it’s over. My fear is what this country will suffer the loss of that our children will have to deal with. And you mentioned drugs? I’m going to assume you thought, like I have that he seems to sometimes be super lucid and on top of things and those times must be the drugs? My Dad had dementia. He was a far better man than Biden could ever hope to be or (have been). I would give almost anything to have access to those types of drugs when my Daddy was losing his ability to tell the stories he’d told a thousand times. It makes me so angry to know we have a government -not just Biden’s groupies- that will prevent people from having that ability. I firmly believe that is done a whole lot more than we would like to think.
      LOVED how you said he was “waaay past his prime”! I pictured a cow’s behind with his face walking through a pasture wearing a mask!


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