The Death of Liberty in America is Not Foreordained

Hearty thanks to Hrvoje Moric  and his Geopolitics and Empire podcast for an encore lap around the track. Hrvoje posted our April interview initially on a bevy of websites, including Rumble  LIST.   But because he was in what he labeled the DARPATube Digital Gulag, he did not post it on YouTube until this weekend. 
Here are some fun lines from the interview:
Hrvoje : How can we push back against tyranny?

JB Buy more books, that’s the answer.

Hrvoje: Any final thoughts on, as your book title is, The Death of American Liberty?

With Last Rights, I  seek to provide people with the intellectual ammo to fight for freedom. Simply pounding the table is not going to get it done.  I’ve  met a lot of folks who think that simply being anti-government or hating the state is all they have to do. And then they’ve put a halo over their heads.

It is not foreordained that liberty perishes.  It doesn’t have to die., if enough folks push back and resist wisely and valiantly. Keep your courage up and your mind active. Look for potential allies, but also watch out for the informants because they’re out there. Critical thinking is needed to save freedom. A good citizen must stand up for their own liberty and stand up to put a constitutional leash on the government.

It’s been over 40 years since we had a major party presidential candidate who made individual freedom a key tenet of his campaign. Ronald Reagan did it in 1980.  Biden is certainly not going to do that. Trump might have a few phrases, but that’s not his message. I am spooked to see the loss of passion and faith in freedom, especially among younger people.

*As an investigative journalist, folks say, well, it’s great you found all this dirt. And I’m thinking, crap, most of the rabbits get away. Most of the outrages I’m not able to nail down.

*When I was first writing about politics in the 1980s, there were a lot of conservatives and liberals were very proud of their anger, which they flourished as if proof of their virtue. Most of them were bad writers and their anger was in lieu of clear thinking and hard evidence.

*GENDER BS: Encouraging kids to question their own gender before puberty, when they have no idea how their body works, is a full employment program for therapists.

*Thoreau practically made a god out of poverty.  But I learned from living in Boston that if you haven’t got enough money for beer and condoms, you don’t have enough money.

Here’s Hrvoje‘s write-up of our zesty interview:
“James Bovard discusses his new book on the death of liberty in America. The U.S. government has become an oppressive force which steals upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars annually from its citizens through civil asset forfeiture, silences Americans through its Orwellian Ministry of Truth, and imposes burdensome security theater (e.g. TSA) among many other forms of tyranny. He describes the attempts to take guns away and whether he thinks they will succeed, this idea of a second civil war, and how people were stampeded into submission on Covid. There is no substitute for courage and self-reliance is part of that. The death of liberty in America is not foreordained.”

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    I was wearing the California Western cap because my usual train engineer cap was siderailed at the dry cleaners, where the manager was preparing an estimate on the price to restore the hat to its 20th century brilliance

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