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Rand Paul Irretrievably Loses Liquor Store Robber Vote

After his Fox News interview in which he endorsed using drones for responding to suspected violent crimes in progress, Sen. Rand Paul‘s office issued a clarification last night. But Rand Paul has definitely lost the liquor store robber vote no matter what he says between now and 2016.   .

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Liberals Love Obama’s “Liberty Drones”

New Washington Post polling data reveal that liberals strongly approve of Obama’s drone assassination policy – even when it is used to kill American citizens. Overall, 83% of Americans approve of Obama’s drone killing policy. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) is raising hell about the administration’s secrecy – demanding that they at least release the confidential […]

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MP3 of My Interview on Obama’s Assassination Abomination with Brian Wilson

Talk show host and libertarian hell-raiser Brian Wilson and I had fun flailing Obama’s assassination policies on WSPD today. (According to the station’s website, I am WSPD’s “Best Laugh Winner.”) It’s amazing that a president claiming the right to kill Americans based on secret evidence and a secret memo is not stirring up far greater […]

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Assassination Jubilation

At this critical time in our history, we are very lucky that both our president and his killer drones are infallible. I am surprised at how most of the mainstream media is reacting to the U.S. government’s killing of two American citizens – Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki and magazine editor Samir Khan. (I wrote about […]

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