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My Supreme Covert Failure

The Liberty Under Attack blog last week had an essay on “Blending In: The Art of the Grey Man” – “Given the fact that American dissidents are unjustly profiled by the government, it stands to reason that direct action must be taken to stymie the creation of political prisoners. Whether these injustices are due to malice or stupidity, the fact […]

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TSA logo cropped & tweaked WBBH-TA-full-1024x576

Secret TSA Logo Revealed on Florida TV

From Adweek: “Fort Myers, Fla., NBC affiliate WBBH aired a graphic that was supposed to be from the Department of Homeland Security during Friday’s 5 p.m. show, but instead showed a happy eagle with T&A on its chest, grabbing what looked like breasts on the left and a butt on the right.” Dang, now I […]

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“a sometimes libertarian blogger and self-described social analyst”

OK, so I need to be blogging more often. A Scout leader in Louisiana begins his response to my USA Today piece: “James Bovard, a sometimes libertarian blogger and self-described social analyst…” I have many vices but I have never described myself as a “social analyst.” I’m disappointed that he didn’t call me a “hooligan.” At the […]

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Counterpunch: Will Vagina Voters Devour Democracy?

 COUNTERPUNCH, MAY 12, 2015 Has Hillary Finally Found Her Brand? Will “Vagina Voters” Devour Democracy? by JAMES BOVARD Wear gloves on Election Day! “Fat-O-Sphere” author Kate Harding announced plans to “vote with my vagina” for Hillary Clinton. Harding said  her voting was guided in part by her difficult menstrual cycles. I wonder who she would vote […]

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Me and Anthony Brown’s Victory Parade

I was stunned that Maryland voters gave the heave-ho to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Anthony Brown yesterday.  Obama’s “Mini-Me” never recovered from his role as the mastermind of perhaps the most disastrous ObamaCare Internet site rollout in the country.  Plus, the dude seemed like a rascal from the get-go. OK, so I wasn’t in his victory […]

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