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Remember the Atrocities of the Korean War, Not the Propaganda

Here’s a quick recap of our Junior Fellow @JimBovard’s recent article. You can read the full article here: https://t.co/92Bh7KIWOK 📹: @QuinnDriggs1 pic.twitter.com/XodAXKZ69p — The Libertarian Institute (@LibertarianInst) July 31, 2023   Libertarian Institute, July 27, 2023 Remember the Atrocities of the Korean War, Not the Propaganda by James Bovard Today is the 70th anniversary of […]

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Syria protest banner

Counterpunch: How Many Syrians Did You Vote to Kill?

How many Syrians did you vote to kill on Election Day? Biden's nominees for Secretary of State & National Security Advisor favored killing far more Syrians during Obama's presidency. https://t.co/GJ30NRuI3j — James Bovard (@JimBovard) November 25, 2020 Counterpunch, November 25, 2020 How Many Syrians Did You Vote to Kill? by James Bovard Facebook Twitter Reddit […]

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USA TODAY: Presidents Perennially Ignored Federal Law on Police Carnage

USA TODAY, June 11, 2020 Under four presidents, the Feds neglected duty to collect statistics on police killings Why has the Justice Department failed to follow a law from 1994? by James Bovard The brutal killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police has been condemned by former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. […]

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Syria washington post front page after Trump withdrawal announcement

Syria Insanity Must Continue, Sez Washington Establishment & Media

The Washington Post front page today is in full panic mode over Trump’s decision on Syria. Reading the Post, one would think that US intervention had achieved something aside from getting vast numbers of Syrians pointlessly killed.Washington’s laptop bombardiers are hysterically opposed to Trump’s withdrawal of US troops from Syria. But the “Combat Veterans for […]

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