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toles cartoon iraq army tt150521

Latest Iraq Success Story

Cartoonist Tom Toles perfectly captures the latest Iraq fiasco. This is a joint Bush-Obama debacle – and proof that neither party can be trusted to intelligently intervene in the Middle East. But the pro-Iraq war crowd is still yelping for the U.S. to “fix” Syria….

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mutts cartoon my work is done after barking content

Cartoon Captures Journalists’ Hard Life

Maybe it  has been too long since I wrote about the Postal Service and their durn monopoly. On the other hand, there is the Code of Honor – as captured by the iconic title of the 1979 book on the Washington press corps – Drunk Before Noon. For better or worse,  I’ve never been inclined to start the […]

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toles cartoon on isis crap tt140918

Cartoon Obliterates Obama’s War on ISIS Fantasy

Obama’s “war” against ISIS has as much chance of succeeding as he has of finding unicorns to join his anti-ISIS “coalition.” Washington Post cartoonist Tom Toles beautifully captures the absurd premise underlying Obama’s latest war.   Perhaps most of the members of the House of Representatives who voted to support the “war” yesterday are simply clueless about the […]

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dilbert programmed to scoff 221208_strip

Dilbert: You’re Programmed to Scoff at This

Today’s Dilbert cartoon has a wonderful line in the last panel: “And you’re programmed to scoff at what I just said.” Ironically, I often get that same reaction to my articles.  If I had a beer for every time someone labeled me a “crazy old coot” – or   a @#$@$@ SOB etc. – then —    I’d […]

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toles05012014 warmongering

Washington Post: Warmongering Doesn’t Pay

It is regrettable that the Washington Post’s editorials on foreign policy are rarely as profound as its editorial cartoons. Someone could easily compile a list of Washington Post editorials and guest articles by bellicose nitwits urging U.S. preemptive strikes for each venue that Tom Toles lists in this ‘toon. *** On Twitter @jimbovard

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tsa suspicious behavior daily-cartoon-140417

Why TSA Screeners Hate Me: Mystery Solved

I have always wondered why TSA screeners seem to target me (especially after I cuss ’em a bit).  Now I realize that I have to buy new luggage to allay Official Fears.  OK, maybe I could also try to stop radiating sedition. But that is practically the only redeeming fun when flying nowadays. Admittedly, I have had […]

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Great Cartoon on our Obscene Surveillance State

This great cartoon from Tom Toles this morn almost compensated for all the idiotic editorials the Washington Post publishes on Syria and other subjects. The only thing the cartoon was missing was a couple of deranged TSA agents descending on the spectator to force him to produce a DNA sample. Scott Adams has done a […]

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