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Census Bureau and Facebook Partnering to Censor the Internet

American Conservative, March 3, 2020 The Census and Facebook: Working Hand-in-Glove to Censor the Internet by James Bovard The same agency that once helped the Army round up Japanese Americans has now achieved protected status on social media.   America’s social media giants are rallying behind the 2020 Census. Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg recently assured […]

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USA TODAY: Trump Card for Another Census Roundup

USA TODAY, November 24, 2015 The Trump card for another Census roundup by James Bovard The Census Bureau is sending its hefty American Community Survey to more than 3 million households a year. That’s good news for a would-be president Donald Trump, who will find just the information he needs for some of his kookier ideas. I recently […]

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The Slippery Definition of Extremism

The Future of Freedom Foundation is shotgunning out this op-ed today…. The Slippery Definition of Extremism by James Bovard Americans are once again hearing of the perils of extremism. But the definition of this offense is slippier than a politician’s campaign promise. The definition of extremism has continually been amended to permit government policies that […]

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Podcast of Census-Bashing Interview on Free Talk Live

Mark Edge of Free Talk Live interviewed me yesterday on the Census, government surveillance, and other perils of our times. The podcast is here. My interview is the final 20 minutes of the 2+ hour program. I did not see the interview listed as a separate downloadable file. If I missed something on this, post […]

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Kudos to the Libertarian Party of Ohio

The Libertarian Party of Ohio (www.lpo.org) held their annual convention last weekend in Worthington, Ohio. I was there for a Saturday night spiel, and it was a treat to meet so many folks gung-ho to fight for freedom. Many of their activists had a fervor about them which I rarely see inside the Beltway. The […]

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New York Times: My Two Cents on How to Respond to the Census

The New York Times on Wednesday has a piece on the controversy over the Census. It includes my two cents on how to respond to the feds: “The census has become a lightning rod, and it’s drawing people’s attention to the danger of federal surveillance,” said James Bovard, an author and former census taker who […]

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