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Happy Custer Massacre Day!

UPDATE:  Counterpunch reposted this essay on June 26 and LewRockwell.com posted it on the 28th. Reason.com’s J.D. Tuccille discussed the piece in an article on the Hit & Run blog,  and a couple folks at LewRockwell.com blog kindly gave it a plug. EconomicPolicyJournal also posted a big chunk of it.   I appreciate all the comments and the bevy […]

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1st Maine Heavy Artillery attack at Cold Harbor_thumb[1]

Carnage and Coverups: the 150th Anniversary of Cold Harbor

On this day 150 years ago, General Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia had their last great victory over the Army of Potomac.   General Grant was convinced that the Southerners were whupped and that he merely had to attack a few more times and Lee’s forces would surrender or dissolve.   Lee outfoxed Grant again and his […]

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Another Excellent Confederate General Throttled By Nitwit Superiors

The New York Times has an excellent article today by Prof. Terry Jones on the 1864 Red River Campaign. Unlike most articles on the Civil War, it bluntly depicts the crimes and wanton destruction committed by the invaders against civilians. Confederate general Richard Taylor fought brilliantly and completely flummoxed the northern army under Gen. Nathaniel Banks. Taylor had […]

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How Abe Lincoln Destroyed Religious Freedom

The New York Times has an excellent column today on how Abe Lincoln destroyed religious freedom during the Civil War with a wink and a nod.  Huntington College professor Sean Scott details how Presbyterian minister Samuel B. McPheeters was expelled from his St. Louis by a northern military commander for refusing to embrace the northern cause.  McPheeters sought to keep politics out […]

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CEI’s Fred Smith Reviews Public Policy Hooligan

Fred Smith, the founder and chairman of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, reviewed Public Policy Hooligan yesterday.  Thanks a heap, Fred! A rollicking account of a life spent humbling bureaucrats and never taking the bait By Fred L. Smith Jr This review is from: Public Policy Hooligan – Rollicking and Wrangling from Helltown to Washington (Kindle Edition) Jim’s […]

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