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College Graduates Are the New Favored Class of Democratic Largesse

Libertarian Institute, November 28, 2022 College Graduates Are the New Favored Class of Democratic Largesse by Jim Bovard When Americans make lists of the persecuted, downtrodden groups in our society, college graduates rarely top the ranking. But President Joe Biden is offering one bribe after another to convert college graduates into perpetual dependents of the […]

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Biden’s Rescue Act Targets Americans’ Freedoms

Biden’s Rescue Act Targets Americans’ Freedoms by James Bovard Since the 1800s, surly Americans have derided politicians for spending tax dollars “like drunken sailors.” Until recently, that was considered a grave character fault. But Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act shows that inebriated spending is now the path to national salvation. It was a common […]

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FFF: How Food Stamps Subverted Democracy, Part 1

Future of Freedom Foundation How Food Stamps Subverted Democracy, Part 1 by James Bovard The federal government is now feeding more than 100 million Americans. The vast increase in dependency fundamentally changes the relationship of Washington to the citizenry. The more Americans rely on handouts, the more difficult it becomes to roll back politicians’ power […]

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YouTube: Busting the Feds on “An Economy of One”

Gary Rathbun, the host of An Economy of One, and I had fun on his Radio America program last Thursday discussing my Mises Institute article on how dependency destroys democracy. Obama’s food stamp recruiting campaigns took a shellacking.  Thanks to producer Katie Hileman for setting up the interview and putting together the YouTube video.

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Wash. Times: Americans’ Fading Love of Freedom

Washington Times   July 21, 2014 Sweet land of growing indifference An angry passion for freedom begins to fade by James Bovard Tea Party protesters and some Republicans are portraying the federal government as a vast engine of oppression. Are anti-Obama activists mistaken in presuming that most Americans still care about freedom, though? A Gallup poll […]

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The Mirage of Welfare State Freedom

From the December 2012 issue of the Future of Freedom, from the Future of Freedom Foundation – The Mirage of Welfare State Freedom by James Bovard Government dependency was one of the hottest issues in this year’s presidential race. Unfortunately, neither major-party candidate focused on the perils of “freedoms” that rely on government handouts. Instead, […]

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