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USA Today: TSA’s Latest Looney Surveillance Program

USA Today, July 31, 2018 Have you gained or lost weight? Congrats, TSA is now tracking you for suspicious activity. by James Bovard, Opinion columnist Excessive yawning, strong body odor — these are two ways you could become a target in TSA’s new secret program, which treats ordinary people like terrorists. If you fall asleep or […]

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Los Angeles Times: TSA Secret Watchlist Targets Troublesome Travelers

Los Angeles Times, May 28, 2018 After pointlessly groping countless Americans, the TSA is keeping a secret watchlist of those who fight back by James Bovard “I need a witness!” exclaimed the security screener at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Because I had forgotten to remove my belt before going through a scanner, he explained, I […]

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TSA Oped Spurs Excellent Comments from USA Today readers

The USA Today piece on TSA’s abusive searches spurred lots of lively comments (and some denunciations). Here are some of the best comments from the web page with the article: Sommer Gentry · Associate professor at United States Naval Academy This article is spot-on. TSA searches are violent, traumatizing, and conducted with heartless disregard for […]

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MP3 of TSA Tribute on Bob Zadek Radio Show San Francisco

Here’s the MP3 of yesterday’s radio interview with Bob Zadek on San Francisco’s AM 910. We had fun giving a vigorous patdown to the TSA (the agency was not allowed to “opt-out” from the show).  Bob’s producer Charlie Deist said he especially enjoyed the riff on how reactions to TSA are an ink blot test of people’s […]

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Do Only “Far-Right Homophobes” Object to TSA Molesting?

After the shooting last Friday at LAX, the Southern Poverty Law Center posted a “Hatewatch” analysis that noted that TSA “has been subjected to criticism by far-right homophobes, among others, who have alleged that TSA agents engaging in hand searches are really sexually groping travelers.” So squeezing boobs, butts, and balls is not “sexually groping” […]

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