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2015 A Great Year for Ruckuses – Thanks for Comments!

I want to thank the good folks who commented here this year.  It was a good year for making it hot for Washington rascals. Here’s a roundup of the logos of agencies I tagged this year in USA Today, Barron’s, Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, F.F.F., and elsewhere. I wish you “good hunting” in the […]

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Bastiat Prize Finalist

I was happy to learn this afternoon that I am one of six finalists for the Reason Foundation’s Bastiat Prize for Journalism. Frederic Bastiat was one of the most eloquent and incisive economists of the 19th century.  He set the gold standard for lucid, courageous policy writing.  And he was an uncompromising champion of freedom. […]

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Gang Rape And “Trust Me” Journalism

The Rolling Stone article on an alleged brutal gang rape at a fraternity at the University of Virginia is stirring widespread disgust. But the details on the alleged assault appear to come almost entirely from one person who has not come forward.  When the Washington Post’s Paul Fahri sought information how journalist Sabrina Rubin Erdely wrote […]

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Podcast on Public Policy Hooligan- Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson’s Libertas project is rattling right along. He and I palavered for 40 minutes earlier this week talking about Public Policy Hooligan, Brian’s legendary cursing as a Baltimore radio host, and other zippety topics.  The discussion was fairly high-toned until Brian brought up “Raging Bitch.” You can listen to or download the interview by […]

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