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U.S. Marshals Received Valor Awards for Their Ruby Ridge Ambush

U.S. Marshals Service marked the 30th anniversary of Ruby Ridge by touting the marshal who was killed there (after he fired 7 shots).  Here is my 1996 Wall Street Journal piece on the outrageous Valor Awards presented to the surviving marshals. The Wall Street Journal Wednesday, March 13, 1996 They Call This ‘Valor’ By James […]

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Enraged Readers Cheer Federal Killings of Gun Owners

My Hill oped, “Fed’s misconduct in Cliven Bundy case stems from Ruby Ridge,” has spurred more than 600 comments.   Some commenters mistakenly asserted that the Bundys or their supporters had fired upon the feds.  Didn’t happen – but that assumption sufficed to justify advocating preemptively killing many people.  Some commenters believe the federal snipers should have slain any private citizen touting […]

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