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Psychiatry is Vexxing More Americans Than Ever

Psychiatrists are continually concocting new "mental illnesses" to stretch their power over everyone else. But psychiatry fails to recognize people suffering from “Missing Bullshit Alarm” as a grave malady in our times. https://t.co/FkK0UPfFA7 — James Bovard (@JimBovard) May 14, 2024 Therapists are hollowing out the American character, generation by generation. What do they  offer in lieu […]

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Psychiatry is Vexing Americans and Subverting Freedom

Psychiatry is Vexing Americans and Subverting Freedom by James Bovard | May 13, 2024 Psychiatry is ruining more lives than ever before. The New York Times recently showcased psychiatric “prevalence inflation”—a vast increase in reported mental illness among teenagers because they are encouraged to view normal symptoms as grave maladies requiring intervention. Oxford University psychologist […]

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Thomas Szasz Born 100 Years Ago Today

Thomas Szasz, the great Hungarian-American champion of freedom, was born 100 years ago today. Tom was one of the great heroes of liberty of the modern era. Scholar Sheldon Richman aptly labeled Szasz “the most underappreciated libertarian.” His work had severed the chains on vast numbers of people wrongfully incarcerated because officialdom did not approve […]

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Toxic Masculinity and “Pure Madness from Psychiatrists”

The American Psychological Association has officially designated traditional masculinity as a de facto mental illness.  New APA guidelines specifically state that “stoicism”  and other traits are “on the whole, harmful.”  No reports yet on whether Marcus Aurelius is spinning in his grave.  Apparently, instead of toughing out challenges, people are supposed to spend their lives […]

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More Madness from Psychiatrists

The director of the National Institute of Mental Health, Dr. Thomas R. Insel, tells the New York Times that the new Diagnostic Statistical Manual – the psychiatrists’ bible – is a crock. But we will still be endlessly taxed to pay for treatments that shrinks gin up as a result of the profusion of new […]

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