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First Chapter of Last Rights: The Death of American Liberty

James Bovard, Last Rights: The Death of American Liberty https://www.amazon.com/Lst-Rights-Death-American-Liberty/dp/B0CP9VCNDH/   CHAPTER ONE: TYRANNY COMES TO MAIN STREET Americans today have the “freedom” to be fleeced, groped, wiretapped, injected, censored, injected, ticketed, disarmed, beaten, vilified, detained, and maybe shot by government agents. Politicians are hell-bent on protecting citizens against everything except Uncle Sam. Is America […]

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The TSA Is Still Crazy after All These Years

The TSA Is Still Crazy after All These Years by James Bovard       November 14, 2023 The TSA has been promising to end its boneheaded ways for more than 20 years. Flying out of Dallas International Airport last week, I ruefully recognized that all TSA reform promises are malarkey. As I neared the end of a […]

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TSA Still Molesting at Warp Speed

Reposted 2/25 by Zero Hedge, with 50,000+ views & 300+ comments TSA Still Molesting at Warp Speed by Jim Bovard | Feb 23, 2023 I traveled to Hartford, Connecticut last week for a conference. It was the first time since the start of the pandemic that I had the pleasure of being pawed by TSA […]

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Thumping TSA, Covid Mandate Madness, Biden on Brian Wilson Podcast

Former New York City radio star Brian Wilson and I have thumping the feds on our weekly radar.  My recent trip to Hartford spurred some fresh smackdowns of TSA. Covid mandate madness and bootlicking reporters took a wallop as well.   We talked about the growing resistance in Congress to endless spending for Ukraine.  I […]

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Landmarks on the Road to Covid Tyranny

Landmarks on the Road to Covid Tyranny By James Bovard   February 21, 2023   History, Law Many Americans were appalled at the oppressive decrees issued by politicians and government officials during the Covid pandemic. But there were plenty of post-9/11 precedents that paved the way for recent abuses. Authoritarian Covid policies were shocking but […]

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Thumping TSA Surveillance on Houston Radio

KTRH Local Houston and Texas News TSA to Expand Facial Recognition Program in 2023 By Nik Rajkovic Dec 13, 2022 Privacy advocates are sounding the alarm over the Transportation Security Administration‘s plan to take its facial recognition program nationwide. The program already is being used at DFW and 15 other airports. “This could be a […]

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