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Syria: Common Sense versus Obama’s Next War

From the January 2014 issue of The Future of Freedom (from the Future of Freedom Foundation) Syria: Common Sense versus Obama’s Next War by James Bovard The Obama administration tottered on the edge of launching a cruise missile attack on Syria this past August and September. Obama hesitated and decided to seek congressional approval before […]

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Will Obama Whitewash Every War – Even World War One?!?

Few things are more dangerous than permitting presidents to sacralize pointless wars. In his visit to the Flanders Field Cemetery in Belgium, Obama saluted the soldiers who died in World War One – “the soldiers who manned the trenches were united by something larger — a willingness to fight, and die, for the freedom that […]

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Syrian Review of my Bush Betrayal

Six years ago, the Syrian newspaper Al-Thawrah reviewed the Arabic edition of Bush Betrayal, published by the Arab Scientific Publishers in Beirut. For some reason, the book evoked more enthusiasm in Syria than it did in some circles in the United States. Never could figure that one out. Here’s the link to the original review, […]

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Podcast with Brian Wilson on Obama’s Syria War Malarkey

In a Libertas Media interview this afternoon, Brian Wilson and I took turns paying disrespects to Obama’s push for war against Syria. It is unlikely that the White House will recruit either one of us for its future publicity campaigns. You can download or listen to the @30 minute podcast by clicking here.

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Great Antiwar Protest At White House During Obama Speech

Leftists, Code Pink, and a smattering of conservatives and libertarians staged a vociferous protest outside the White House while President Obama made his Syria speech this afternoon. The police forcibly cleared the street (though not the sidewalk) shortly before Obama began talking. Some folks suggested that Obama might have delayed his speech because of the […]

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Bush’s Forgotten Fabrications on Iraq War

On this tenth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war, here are a couple pieces I wrote shortly before and after Bush attacked Iraq. I had thought that Bush’s rascalities would evoke a much stronger backlash than actually occurred. The mainstream media was occasionally willing to print pieces opposing the war or calling out […]

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Memorial Day Reflections and Revisionism

from the August issue of Freedom Daily (posted online last week) Memorial Day Reflections and Revisionism by James Bovard, On Memorial Day, the media do their usual sacralizing of war. Instead, it should be a day for the ritualized scourging of politicians. During the last 60 years, their lies have resulted in the unnecessary deaths […]

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