MP3 of IRS Interview on Janine Turner Radio Show

janine turner photo hat_lg-283x237I had a lively chat yesterday with conservative firebrand and former Hollywood star Janine Turner on her Houston KPRC (and XM/Sirius) radio show.  She wanted to hash out the Wall Street Journal piece on the  IRS, and we had fun jibing at Congress.  Well, at least I did.  I got the hunch that Janine’s confidence in Congress slightly exceeds mine.   I appreciate Janine giving me a chance to tub thump for Public Policy Hooligan at the end of the interview. (Obviously, I need to work on my durn thumbnail spiel on that book.)  As you can tell from the picture, she is one host who has never been accused of having  “a good face for radio.”

You can hear the @ 12 minute interview by downloading or clicking the following MP3.

Janine Turner Show _ 2013-05-16_part3 SHORTER


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One Response to MP3 of IRS Interview on Janine Turner Radio Show

  1. Mjamc45 May 19, 2013 at 6:49 pm #

    Mr. Bovard,

    Be careful not to be blinded by Ms. Turner’s All-American good looks. Based on her latest blog post, The New Definition of War,, she appears to be your standard Neoconservative. A quote from the post: “The real new awakening, however, if American liberties are to prevail and Americans are to survive, needs to be a new criminal and constitutional standard to deal with terrorists engaged in the new, modern day definition of war. ” Sounds like she is calling for the violation of constitutional rights for certain people.

    There is no mention of the concept of “blowback” whatsoever. Or of the importance in protecting constitutional rights, especially in difficult times.

    She closes the post with: “Now it is time for America to call upon its innate wisdom. It is time to define a new criminal and Constitutional standard to deal with American citizen terrorists engaged in Jihad. It is time for the rules of engagement to change.”

    I’m not exactly sure what that means. Maybe we should put all Muslims in camps so we can keep an eye on them?