ACLU & Sue FBI for Confidential Records

The ACLU & are suing the FBI in court to get the FBI’s confidential records on’s Justin Raimondo & Eric Garris. One FBI agent wrote in a 2004 memo that the Bureau should do further monitoring of “in the form of opening a ‘preliminary investigation …to determine if [redaction] are engaging in, or have engaged in, activities which constitute a threat to national security.’” Kelley Vlahos has the scoop in an excellent story here.

The ACLU press release is here.

And here is the PDF of the lawsuit itself – lots of excellent details.

Based on my own experience with filing Freedom of Information Act requests with the FBI, I expect the ACLU and will get the FBI files about the same time as the devil sets up his own ice hockey team.


One Response to ACLU & Sue FBI for Confidential Records

  1. Tom Blanton May 21, 2013 at 10:28 pm #

    The reason I like to support is exactly because they ARE a threat to national security as I understand it.

    Currently, “national security” relates to the ability of the fascist police state to control anyone at anytime in any manner it chooses without any opposition, nationally and globally. Anyone who opposes the state in any way is considered to be a threat by the ruling elite.

    When old ladies that refuse to sign a traffic summons or college kids whining about student loans are considered threats to the Imperial Empire, of course a website criticizing the state that gets a lot of traffic is threatening to them. Fortunately, the biggest threat to the state is the state itself. Unfortunately, the abuse people must suffer at the hands of the state will probably get much worse before a critical mass of people finally become fed up. In fact, the state may very well collapse before a majority of people even begin to understand what is going on.

    Even for underachievers, it doesn’t take much to become an Enemy of the State these days – the field is wide open and you don’t even have to worry about writing your own ticket, they’ll do it for you. should sue for damages, lost donations and defamatory libelous leaks!

    This is very similar to the IRS probes of Tea Party groups that are now complaining that contributions have dried up because donors are fearful of the IRS.