Dem Prez Candidates Vegas Whoop

Let the carping begin!

Instead of having Sheryl Crow sing the National Anthem, the candidates should have been required to prove they knew all the words to the song.

*Hearing “the land of the free” invocation at the Dem. prez debate is as incongruous as hearing a mud wrestling ad at a Mormon tabernacle.

  • *Wonder how many attendees in Las Vegas thought they were actually going to a George Carlin performance.

*Holy shizam! Webb invokes his experience as author & journalist as qualification for presidency. He’s doomed.

*O’Malley boasts of his ‘comprehensive gun safety’ bill as governor – the recoil from that made a Republican governor of Maryland

*It is unseemly to see politicians dragging their ancestors from their grave to rattle the bones to garner votes.

*O’Malley running for prez as a gun grabber – total crap on respecting western Maryland – he is despised there & most parts of Maryland

*O’Malley making being anti-gun his top issue – as a Marylander, I recall the scams that drove his prize law onto the book

*O’Malley wants to grab private guns – but sez ‘No commander in chief should take the military option off the table

*How many lies can Hillary tell about Libya & “smart power” in two minutes?

O’Malley’s prized gun control law makes it far harder for poor blacks in Baltimore to legally acquire effective self-defense

*O’Malley brags about no increase in college tuition – but Maryland taxpayers got screwed to the wall

 *Hillary Clinton rails about “shadow banking” – what about shadow emails & shadow deals for her aides?
* Sanders whoops up his free tuition program – but what about his itch to shut down college student centers (according to WPost)?
*O’Malley “We passed a state version of the Dream Act” – & now Montgomery Co. schools nosediving & canceling exams to cover up
*CNN asks Sanders if he is “tougher on climate change?” Toughness is no substitute for brains
//Great response on Facebook: Philip J. Crincoli Sr. Tough on Climate Change? LOL. Is he going to confiscate thermometers?
*Hillary – “this terrible result of huge population in prison for non-violent drug offenses” – thanks in part to Clinton’s 1994 crime bill
*Best line of the night? Chafee: “I am running for president to end the wars.”
*Biggest howler of the night? Hillary Clinton said the Obama admin. attack on Libya was “smart power at its best.”

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  1. Rick Hanson October 13, 2015 at 10:01 pm #

    +1 for “the recoil from that …”