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Attention Deficit Democracy Cured?

Maybe the Justice Department can cure this Attention Deficit Democracy problem by proposing an amendment to the Voting Rights Act to protect the calendar-impaired voters.   Maybe the feds could require states to count the votes of those who are clueless about when Election Day occurs? Actually, some states might already be moving in that direction […]

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Bastiat Prize Finalist

I was happy to learn this afternoon that I am one of six finalists for the Reason Foundation’s Bastiat Prize for Journalism. Frederic Bastiat was one of the most eloquent and incisive economists of the 19th century.  He set the gold standard for lucid, courageous policy writing.  And he was an uncompromising champion of freedom. […]

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FFF: Supreme Court’s Dreadful Record on Constitutional Rights

The Future of Freedom Foundation posted online today the following article from the June issue of the Future of Freedom – The Supreme Court’s Dreadful Record on Constitutional Rights by James Bovard The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the legality of the Affordable Care Act this past March. Several justices questioned whether a ruling […]

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