Regarding “President pursues reckless Syria folly” (James Bovard column, Opinion, June 28):

In his op-ed piece condemning President Trump’s actions in Syria, it is as if James Bovard wants to see Iran and its allies conquer an empire throughout the Middle East. Bovard claims that Syria’s government never threatened us. Neither did Mussolini’s Fascist Italy in World War II. Italy was allied with Nazi Germany and Japan, though, which made it our enemy. Syria is allied with Iran, which makes it our enemy. If Trump is contradicting what he said four years ago on this subject, then I’m glad he has awakened to the Iranian horror that threatens civilization. Find some way to guarantee that Teheran and its allies continue to threaten America and its allies, and then we will be able to afford Bovard’s high ideals.

Wallington Simpson

Suffern, NY, June 29