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My Roadkill Ridealongs

Here’s a 49 second outtake from my podcast on how the government ruined my work ethic – And here’s the full video from which this was plucked –  

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On Veterans Day, Remember Political Lies That Filled Military Cemeteries

Mises Institute, November 12, 2018 On Veterans’ Day, Remember the Lies That Filled Military Cemeteries by James Bovard Politicians will be heartily applauded for saluting American’s soldiers today. But if citizens had better memories, elected officials would instead be fleeing tar and feathers. Politicians have a long record of betraying the veterans they valorize. Veterans […]

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My Grandfather’s Coup in World War One

My grandfather, Paul G. Bovard, was drafted in 1918. He was in the Army but the war ended before he was deployed to France. The following story, written by my father, captures the only story from his military time that I have heard from family. Dad’s Company Commander, in going over the new recruits’ prior […]

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Baltimore Sun: On Veterans Day, I Remember “Bobie” of Baltimore

Baltimore Sun, November 9, 2018 On Veterans Day, I remember ‘Bobie’ from Baltimore by James Bovard Veterans Day is a time for parades and tributes to those who served in America’s armed services. But most celebrations ignore the human carnage that inevitably follows when politicians send their fellow citizens off to foreign wars. Considering the […]

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25 Years of Voting Epigrams

Here’s a round-up of my epigrams on voting from my books and articles since 1993: *Politicians are dividing America into two classes – those who work for a living and those who vote for a living *Nowadays, we have elections in lieu of freedom. *What government abuses and crimes can we expect to cease as […]

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Mid-Term Mania Antidote: “V for Vendetta”

It is appropriate that ‘V for Vendetta’ Day – “Remember, remember, the fifth of November….” – would fall on the eve of congressional midterm elections which are turbocharging sales of alcohol and antidepressants.  If I had a six-pack of good beer for every time I’ve heard this is “the most important election in your lifetime,” […]

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Podcast: How the Government Ruined my Work Ethic

Here’s the story of how my summer on the payroll of the Virginia Highway Dept. ruined me for life – I’ve had PTSD regarding hard work ever since. At least I learned how not to shovel. The 6 minute spiel concludes with Labor Secretary Elizabeth Dole evicting me from her office after I asked too […]

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