Archive | November 7, 2020


The Forgotten Voter Fraud Uproar of 2004

This year’s election is the fourth presidential election since 2000 that was followed by a tidal wave of allegations of fraud or foreign interference.  The only exceptions: the 2008 blowout when Republicans nominated a braindead warmonger and the 2012 election when Obama appeared to cleanly beat Romney. Otherwise, every presidential election has been clouded. System […]

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Media to Reveal “Will of the People”: Let Biden Seize All the Power

[UPDATES PENDING] Now that the mainstream media made voter fraud disappear, next they will reveal that the 2020 election proves it is the “Will of the People” for Biden to seize all the power he pleases. Remember, folks – this is the ‘faith-building’ segment of the rituals of Democracy. Pundits are stressing that mail-in voting […]

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