Media to Reveal “Will of the People”: Let Biden Seize All the Power


Now that the mainstream media made voter fraud disappear, next they will reveal that the 2020 election proves it is the “Will of the People” for Biden to seize all the power he pleases.

Remember, folks – this is the ‘faith-building’ segment of the rituals of Democracy.

Here is an excerpt from Freedom in Chains (St. Martin’s Press, 1999), published in Investors Business Daily.

by James Bovard

Thanks to the 1993 Motor Voter act, the federal government is now the premier champion of voter fraud:

*The Justice Department is compelling the government of Texas to allow welfare recipients to register to vote even after they admit to being noncitizens. Though a 1996 immigration act made it a felony for noncitizens to vote, the Immigration and Naturalization Service refuses to aid local governments in comparing voting registration lists with INS records.

*The 1993 law makes it far more difficult for local officials to prune voting lists of deadwood – people who have moved, died, etc. At least 12 percent of the names on California voter rolls are no longer eligible to vote in those localities, but the Justice Department has blocked efforts to correct the lists. This enlightened policy has likely helped boost voter turnouts in graveyards.

* The IRS requires a person to justify every cent of claimed business expenses – while federal lawyers effectively prohibit local governments from verifying a person’s eligibility before he casts a ballot. Brent Thompson, executive director of the Fair Government Foundation, observed after the November 1996 election, “The Motor Voter law did away with a panoply of anti-fraud mechanisms long relied on by the states to police and deter fraudulent voting.”

* The Justice Department just settled a case against Pennsylvania that will require expanded voter registration efforts at county mental health and mental retardation agencies. In Illinois, a Chicago Sun-Times editorial noted: “Voter registration drives at [mental] institutions turned up poor souls who tore off their clothes to get attention. One patient hee-hawed like a donkey when the Democrats were mentioned.”

The 1993 law requires that states allow people to register to vote by mailing in simple postcards. A Boston Globe reporter registered his cat to vote three times, but the feline acted responsibly and only cast one vote by mail in the actual election. The Mobile Alabama, Register recently mailed in five voter registration applications with phony names; all five were registered. One Alabama state senator complained: “You can register five out of five false names in any county in the state.”

The act required state governments to allow people to register to vote in every welfare office and food stamp office, as well as in driver’s registration offices. The notion that government should vigorously recruit welfare recipients to cast their votes symbolizes the absolute divorce of responsibility from self-government. Congressmen concluded that American democracy would be more legitimate if more welfare recipients cast ballots ratifying the government’s confiscation of other people’s paychecks.

When President Clinton signed the Motor Voter act (formally known as the National Voter Registration Act), he proclaimed, “This bill in its enactment is a sign of a new vibrancy in our democracy.” Clinton also bragged that, because of the new law, “Every year from now on, we’re going to have more registered voters and more people voting.” Voter turnout plunged in the following presidential election and is expected to be even lower today.

Despite the profusion of fraud, Congress rejected amendments to the campaign finance bill this year to require would-be voters to show photo identification and to allow local registrars to confirm voters’ U.S. citizenship. There is more angst about falling voter turnout than about rising fraud – typical of how congressmen are far more concerned with the appearance than with the reality of legitimacy. Politicians presumed that any increase in the number of voters would further sanctify their own power – regardless of how much corruption accompanied the new electoral non-controls.

Politicians have become frightened in recent years as more Americans challenge the legitimacy of the IRS, federal regulations, and other Washington power grabs. But the ruling class’es response, at least in this case, was simply to “reform” the process of voting to make balloting as much of a sham as a typical congressional omnibus budget bill. It is time to end federally-mandated voter fraud.

TAGLINE: Bovard is the author of the forthcoming Freedom in Chains: The Rise of the State & the Demise of the Citizen (St. Martin’s Press, February 1999).


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