Brownstone Institute 2023 Fellow

I will be one of the Brownstone Institute’s 2023 Fellows. The Brownstone Institute is “generating new ideas in public health, philosophy, science, and economics to enlighten and mobilize public life in defending and promoting liberty critical for an enlightened society where everyone benefits.” As its mission statement declares, Brownstone’s purpose is “to point the way toward a better understanding of essential freedoms – including intellectual freedom and free speech – and the proper means to preserve essential rights even in times of crisis.”  Brownstone recognizes that the vision of rationality and tolerance represented by the Enlightenment “is newly threatened by ideologies and systems that would take the world back prior to the triumph of the ideal of freedom.

Jeffrey Tucker, Brownstone Institute President The Brownstone Institute was founded in 2021 by economist Jeffrey Tucker.  Since the start of the Covid pandemic, Jeff has been on the barricades, leading the fight against officialdom’s efforts to lock down humanity. Jeff helped mastermind the Great Barrington Declaration, which rallied opposition to the endless restrictions that politicians falsely promised would keep people safe.  Covid Czar Anthony Fauci and other officials rushed to discredit that declaration.  As Jeff noted in a story yesterday, “Fauci had his own masters and minions but it is impossible to avoid the reality that he bears primary responsibility as the voice of panic that shut down freedoms.”



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      Thanks, Tom! Good to see your zesty takes on Twitter nowadays.


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