Archive | March 1, 2023

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Congressional Conniptions, FBI Perfidy, and Zaxby’s Chicken on the Brian Wilson Podcast

from the Something Completely Different website: “This week, Brian and Jim discuss Congressional Committee hearings, leading to memories of Janet Reno, Waco, the first World Trade Center bombing, governmental responsibility, the Fed… and fast food.” At the end of the podcast, Brian Wilson touted my Public Policy Hooligan as an “action-romance thriller.” I scoffed: “Not […]

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30th Anniversary of the FBI’s Biggest ‘Bomb’

30th Anniversary of the FBI’s Biggest ‘Bomb’ by James Bovard Thirty years ago this past Sunday, the largest terrorist attack in American history up to that point occurred when a 1200-pound bomb exploded beneath the World Trade Center in New York City. It was sheer luck that the explosion did not topple the entire skyscraper […]

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