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MP3 The Great Boston Crackdown – Scott Horton Show

Talk show host Scott Horton and I had a rowdy 25 minute chat yesterday on the Boston bombings and the subsequent “house arrest” order for a million people in the Boston area. Scott refused to give a blanket endorsement to the response by the Homeland Security apparatchiks. I talking about how my reaction to the […]

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Boston: Death Sentence for Looking out Window?

Police were continually screaming “don’t look out the window!” during their sweep in Watertown last week. This photo shows what happens to folks who disobeyed that order. And here is a stunning video of how the raids were carried out. Maximum feasible intimidation… So our security now depends on permitting police to threaten to kill […]

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Your Tax Dollars at Work and Play

I’m sitting here filling out my IRS Form 1040 and just realized that I’m suffering from a severe deficit of idealism. To rectify that defect, I re-read this op-ed I wrote in 2011…. Washington Times, April 14, 2011 Uncle Sam’s big plans for your hard-earned tax dollars by James Bovard Congratulations – your tax payment […]

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Friends of Police Object to Article on Shootings by Police

To my dismay, not everyone agreed with yesterday’s article in the Washington Times.  The Times printed a letter today by a policeman who believed that lawmen deserve special privileges after they shoot citizens: I was really disappointed after reading “Let’s start by controlling police gun violence” by Jim Bovard (Commentary, Monday). Apparently Mr. Bovard’s qualifications […]

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Police Week: My Favorite Cop Photo

This is National Police Week in Washington. The photo above is the second-most popular non-tattoo photo on my Flickr page. I took it at a DC Police Week event a few years ago. I wonder if this cop’s bike has since qualified for a disability pension.

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