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Rand Paul’s Early Foreign Policy Wobbles

Many libertarians are justifiably exasperated by Sen. Rand Paul joining the saber-rattling against Iran. But his foreign policy positions have been shaky for a long time.  Here’s a review of his 2012 book, Government Bullies, from the American Conservative magazine (perhaps Rand’s biggest supporters in the Washington media). Rand has been getting dreadful foreign policy advise […]

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MP3 of Elective Dictatorship Interview on Al Korelin Show

I had a jovial chat with Al Korelin, the host of the hardline Korelin Economic Report, in his weekend report on the debility of contemporary democracy.  Here are a few of my comments: *”The system that we now have is an elective dictatorship in which the president can dictate almost as much as he pleases and […]

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Bravo Rand Paul – the only ‘No’ vote for new FBI Chief

Sen. Rand Paul was the only senator to vote against confirming James Comey as the new FBI director.  The final vote was 93 to 1 – so nobody was crowding Rand on the high ground. As the ACLU noted last month, “While Comey deserves credit for stopping an illegal spying program in dramatic fashion, he […]

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Dilbert Solves the Patriot Act Mystery?

We learned in the last few weeks that a secret ruling exists which permits the federal agencies to violate far more Americans’ rights under a twisted interpretation of the Patriot Act. Are the feds using smart phones to track millions of Americans?

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Three Cheers for Rand Paul on the Patriot Act

Sen. Rand Paul is doing heroic work on the Patriot Act. The fact that tomorrow’s New York Times has an article fretting that the FBI might have a perilous temporary loss of surveillance powers shows how desperate the establishment has become. Paul has done a superb job thus far of slowing the bipartisan juggernaut to […]

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