Archive | April 6, 2010

Killing Journalists as Video Game Sport

Three cheers for Wikileaks. Their posting of a 38-minute video from an Apache helilcopter showing U.S. gunners killing two Reuters journalists (and ten other civilians) in 2007 is heroic. Naturally, the Pentagon had endlessly scorned Reuters’ Freedom of Information Act and other efforts to get the video. The video and a transcript of the triumphant […]

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Claire Wolfe’s Zesty New Freedom-Fighting Blog

Great News for Freedom: Claire Wolfe, one of America’s most eloquent and principled political writers, is again blogging. She is posting her thoughts on a near-daily basis at the Backwoods Home blog site here. Claire’s first book, 101 Things to Do Until the Revolution , quickly became a cult classic. No wonder, with zippety lines […]

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