Archive | April 28, 2010

Bush Secrecy – now in Portuguese

Murilo Leme kindly translated my recent Freedom Daily article on Bush Secrecy policies into Portuguese. Here’s his contribution – LIBERDADE CADA DIA O Legado de Sigilo de Bush por James Bovard, Postado em 7 de abril de 2010 Muitos estadunidenses assumiram que o risco a sua liberdade representado pela administração Bush terminou quando George Bush […]

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Make All Politicians Wear Microphones All the Time

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was wearing a microphone for a TV station as he went out and talked to the common people. But he ran into one elderly ingrate who didn’t burnish his boots. After he got back into his chauffeured car, he groused that the woman was a “bigot” and wanted to know […]

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