Archive | April 20, 2010

The Slippery Definition of Extremism

The Future of Freedom Foundation is shotgunning out this op-ed today…. The Slippery Definition of Extremism by James Bovard Americans are once again hearing of the perils of extremism. But the definition of this offense is slippier than a politician’s campaign promise. The definition of extremism has continually been amended to permit government policies that […]

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Bill Clinton’s Lethal Hypocrisy on Government Violence

from Counterpunch today – Bill Clinton on Violence and Government A Lethal Hypocrisy By JAMES BOVARD Yesterday, on the fifteenth anniversary of the attack on the federal office building in Oklahoma City, former President Bill Clinton had an op-ed in the New York Times headlined: “Violence is Unacceptable in a Democracy.” The article settles any […]

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