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Waco 20 Years Ago: Hooligan Chapter on “Flummoxing the FBI”

  Twenty years ago today, the FBI assaulted and demolished the Branch Davidians’ home outside of Waco, Texas.  That assault and the subsequent coverups helped redefine the relation of the federal government to the American people. I wrote about the attack in several books and in articles for the Wall Street Journal, Playboy, Washington Times, […]

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Chief Justice Hooligan Bovard? On Brian Wilson’s Libertas Radio

Renowned libertarian talk show Brian Wilson and I had a rowdy chat today. It was a high-toned interview: no double entendres or “Raging Bitch” references. Here’s Brian’s summary  of the show – “Clear your schedule for about an hour to hear what author James Bovard has to say about the Boston bombing, journalism, gun control, and […]

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Wash. Times: The ‘You Are the Government’ Canard

 Washington Times, April 15, 2013 BOVARD: The ‘you are the government’ canard Obama joins predecessors in blaming his overreach on us by James Bovard In his continuing campaign to subvert the Second Amendment, President Obama recently unveiled one of the oldest tricks in the demagogue playbook. Speaking in Colorado, he declared that since America is […]

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Your Tax Dollars at Work and Play

I’m sitting here filling out my IRS Form 1040 and just realized that I’m suffering from a severe deficit of idealism. To rectify that defect, I re-read this op-ed I wrote in 2011…. Washington Times, April 14, 2011 Uncle Sam’s big plans for your hard-earned tax dollars by James Bovard Congratulations – your tax payment […]

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Dictatorship of Lawyers

Lawyer-huckster Peter Angelos is in the news this week.  A Wall Street Journal editorial notes that Angelos’s asbestos lawsuit racket is rapidly losing its credibility. Early in this century, I did a piece for the Freeman on how lawyers and politicians (such as Andrew Cuomo and Eliot Spitzer) were in cahoots to wreck industry after […]

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