MP3 – Govt. Lies, Wars, & 9/11 with Denver’s Peter Boyles

Denver KNUS host Peter Boyles and I had another rattlin’ good chat today about the continuing cover-up of 9/11. (The interview was spurred by this piece I wrote for USA Today on the continuing coverup of a 2002 congressional report.) Boyles has made himself an expert on the details of the Saudi involvement and is doing a great job of hammering this issue week after week.  I commented that the Bush administration kept the lid on 28 pages of the congressional report in part so that they could demonize Saddam Hussein and drag the nation to war against Iraq in 2003.

Boyles talked about how key accusations against Iraq were produced by torture. I commented, “Rather than exposing ticking time bombs, torture is a helluva lot more likely to gin up false accusations that the governments uses to go and kill vast numbers of innocent people. I have been appalled that more Americans have not been mortified by the evidence of the U.S. torture after 9/11.”

Boyles asked why I thought Obama has not brought out the 28 pages on the Saudi involvement on 9/11. I said it reminds me of what Lyndon Johnson said about another senator when he was Senate Majority Leader in the 1950s: “I’ve got his pecker in my pocket.” I added, “Presidents get in the habit of covering up the lies of prior administrations – that’s how the government maintains its credibility. It is in the interest of every president for people not to recognize that previous presidents were pathological liars on some issues.”

*”People should not trust the government to be more honest in the future than it was in the past.   How long will it take us to learn of the lies used to justify U.S. bombing in Libya and Syria?”

*”Folks need to have a radical skepticism when politicians are urging us on to war.  Americans have not had that skepticism and that is part of the reason politicians have done so much damage.”

*”There are a number of Middle Eastern nations that have done false flag operations that tried to pull the United States into their conflicts. The U.S. has been conned again and again by nations in that part of the world. It is not likely that our policymakers will become savvy enough to figure out the next con.”

*”Since 9/11, the government has been off the leash because the media was the dog that didn’t bark.”

*”The government has done a pretty good job so far of plugging up its rabbit holes on the 9/11 attacks.  I hope we finally see the 28 pages and the tens of thousands of other pages we deserve to see.”

Boyles asked about Sen. Rand Paul’s stance on the 9/11 coverup.  I said he was pushing on this but had not filibustered on it.  I mentioned, “There are a lot of issues on which Rand Paul is the best person in the Senate.”

We talked about the response of Americans to the 9/11 attacks; trust in government doubled in the weeks after the attacks. Here’s a link to an Investors Business Daily oped that I wrote a few weeks after 9/11.   That surge in trust in government opened a Pandora’s Box of political evil from which this nation still suffers – long after the trust subsided.

Here’s a link to a 2003 USA Today oped I wrote on how Bush’s lies paved the way to the Iraq war (“By Accident or Design, Bush Hyped the Case for War”).

Here is the link to the podcast of the interview; you can listen or download it by clicking below –

Peter Boyles KNUS

Peter Boyles KNUS


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