Obama’s Anti-Gun Rights Terrorism Spiel


pre-speech tweet:


And  my carpings from Facebook: I’m not taking any chances with this speech – popping another Sierra Torpedo right now. [pre speech]

David KramerYou should be popping some Valium in order to sit through a political speech.”

Jim Bovard response: David Kramer, sometimes killing the pain is cheating.

*Dude is off to a bad start – his Teleprompter is in the wrong place.

*Have his ears gotten bigger since 2008?

* Obama:  “We have hardened our defenses at airports…”Tell that to my family jewels!

* Obama – we are “working with Turkey to seal its border with Syria” – HOOT! Ya, that’s going real well.

* Obama: “I am confident that we will succeed in this mission because we are on the right side of history” — damn, where’s that 8% Raging Bitch when I need it?


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