MP3 – Having Fun Trashing ObamaCare as a “Pack of Lies”

I got a phone call early this morning from Press TV seeking comments on ObamaCare.

OK, some people don’t consider 8 a.m. early but my IQ is 15 points higher later in the morning – sometimes breaking into triple digits.   What the heck   – I enjoyed the chance to start the day by thrashing Obama’s biggest fraud (except for all the others).

Zippiest line? “I’ve never seen any studies showing that government lying to people makes them healthy –  but that seems to be the premise of Obamacare.”

You can listen to the @ 2 minute not-quite-caffeinated monologue here.  Here is their write-up of the interview:

Americans disapprove of President Barack Obama’s healthcare law because it has been “such a pack of lies” from the beginning, a political commentator says.

James Bovard, who serves as policy advisor to the Future of Freedom Foundation, a nonprofit libertarian foundation based in Fairfax, Virginia, made the remarks in a telephone interview with Press TV on Saturday.

He was commenting on a Gallup survey released on Friday which found that 54 percent of Americans disapprove of the Affordable Care Act, Obama’s signature healthcare legislation often referred to as Obamacare, compared to 43 percent who approve.

“It’s a farce that the Obama administration is claiming a big victory on the Obamacare in rolling numbers because we really don’t know how many people have been enrolled, and what sorts of needs or finances they have, because maybe this is simply (because) primarily a lot of people who have signed up who have great medical needs. They will need to have subsidies which makes a mockery of this being an insurance program,” Bovard said.

“But the Obama administration’s seven million number is not really trustworthy either because they haven’t really laid it up on the table. This is the same president who assured the people about forty times that they would be able to keep their health insurance coverage if they like the insurance policy they already had before this law was active. Six million Americans have had their insurance cancelled because of this, almost as many as Obama claims have signed up,” he added.

US Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, who resigned on Thursday night, claimed hours before her departure that 7.5 million Americans have signed up for coverage under Obamacare.

“But part of the reason why most Americans disapprove of Obamacare because it’s been such a pack of lies from the start. I’ve never seen any studies which show that the government lying to people to make them healthy but that would seem to be the premise of Obamacare because of all the false claims and all the chaos this law has engendered,” Bovard stated.

“The Health and Human Services Secretary, the woman in charge of this basically got thrown off the ship a couple of days ago.  Some of the Democrats are pretending that’s gone save the image of law, but people simply don’t trust Obama, people don’t trust federal control of health care, and this is one more thing which makes people distrust Washington in general which isn’t such a bad thing,” he concluded.

Obama’s health law remains controversial, as some people have seen their insurance costs rise or their old plans cancelled, and many others are simply against the idea of purchasing insurance.


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3 Responses to MP3 – Having Fun Trashing ObamaCare as a “Pack of Lies”

  1. alpowolf April 13, 2014 at 8:13 pm #

    I keep hearing that the backend of the system isn’t done yet, and I keep hearing that the Obama admin doesn’t know how many of the enrollees have paid for their insurance. So what is the “seven million” number based upon? Is it simply that they have seven million rows of data in their Names table? That doesn’t mean doodly-squat.

    • Jim April 13, 2014 at 11:06 pm #

      Seven is normally considered to be a lucky number, so maybe that was why it was chosen. And adding the million made it sound better.

      Or maybe they were throwing dice in the West Wing and that was the first #s to come up?

  2. Arron Hall April 16, 2014 at 2:43 pm #

    Even I consider myself in these 54% persons who disapprove Obamacare Law. But still the Democrat led government forcibly imposing it on every American to enroll otherwise face a huge amount as a penalty. I even don’t agree that 7.5 million figure which they are claiming is correct one as on the last day of enrolment website suffered from technical glitches. So how they proved the figure is right. It might be showing due another system failure. Just before reading this post recently watched a video on you tube where some proven tactics are shown to beat this so called Affordable care Act.