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My Wash. Times Op-Ed: Obama’s Toxic Secrecy-Censorship Combo

Washington Times, June 5, 2014 Caught between secrecy and censorship Americans need a free press to tell them when the Constitution is trampled by James Bovard Last Monday, the Supreme Court provided invaluable aid to the Obama administration’s campaign to hide evidence of federal abuses from Americans. The court acceded to the administration’s appeal and […]

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Supreme Court Helps Obama Trample Press Freedom

The Supreme Court announced today that it refused to hear a federal court case involving the Obama administration’s targeting of New York Times reporter James Risen.  Risen has been in the federal cross-hairs since January 2008 because of details in his 2006 book, A State of War, about a botched CIA effort to subvert Iran’s […]

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Obama’s Torture Coverup Unraveling?

Since his first months in office, Obama has spared almost no effort to cover-up the torture atrocities committed during the George W. Bush presidency. But it may no longer be possible to sweep the corpses and the manacles under the rug. (I wrote about Obama’s early torture coverups here, here, here, here, here, here, etc.)  […]

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Holder and NSA Must Confess Guilt Before Clemency Talks

Attorney General Eric Holder & NSA poohbahs should be required to plead guilty before starting any clemency talks with Snowden.  Otherwise, how can Snowden know that the Obama administration is negotiating in good faith? How many violations of federal law has the NSA committed since January 20, 2009?  How many NSA crimes has Eric Holder […]

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Voting Rights as Bogus Panaceas

From the Future of Freedom Foundation (October 2013) VOTING RIGHTS AS BOGUS PANACEAS by James Bovard The Supreme Court struck down a key provision of the Voting Rights Act last June. “Liberals” were horrified and reacted as if the Civil War had been fought in vain. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg denounced the decision for […]

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The Continuing Coverup of Police Killings Nationwide

Counterpunch, December 12, 2013 Protecting Killer Cops Where’s the Body Count from Shootings by the Police? by JAMES BOVARD President Barack Obama, calling for new gun control legislation earlier this year, appealed to “all the Americans who are counting on us to keep them safe from harm.” He also declared, “If there is even one […]

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My USA Today piece: Drug Lessons from a Convict Road Gang

USA Today, August 13, 2013 Drug lessons from a convict road gang: Column by James Bovard Attorney General Eric Holder announced Monday that the Justice Department would cease seeking convictions for possessing small quantities of illegal substances. Holder’s decision is a welcome reversal from decades of the feds brutally imposing mandatory minimum prison sentences on […]

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